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Availability and Request OffsZenmaid practices for using Tasks to note availability and request offs
How does the Independent Contractor feature work for Cleaners?
Fixed Flat Rate vs Variable Flat Rate For Your Cleaners Payrate
Add A Cleaner PhotoAdd cleaner photo to the cleaner's profile and in automated emails
Create An All Day Appointment For Cleaners To Clock In & Out fromIf you do not want cleaners clocking in & out of each appointment or if you have office staff, this is another option.
How to Set Up Cleaners at a Flat Rate Per Day
How does the Independent Contractor feature work for Office Staff?Step-by-Step of the Independent Contractor Feature & Managing ICs
Having Your Office Manager Clock In and Clock Out
How to Edit a Cleaner's Clock in and Clock out Times
Inactivating and Reactivating Cleaners
How To Replace A Cleaner On All Appointments With A Different CleanerReassigning every cleanings of an cleaner
How To Manage Cleaning TeamsCreate a team, assign a team, add a new cleaner to the team
Best way to get customer notes to the cleaner?Customer notes
How To Find All Appointments Assigned To A Specific Cleaner
Different Ways To View Your Cleaners' Clock-In and Clock-Out Times
How to Delete a CleanerHere's how to delete, remove, or banish a former cleaner from ZenMaid
How to Add a Cleaner and How to Give Them Access to The Clock In and Clock Out Feature
How Cleaners can Clock In and Clock Out and edit their time for an appointment on the ZenMaid website.Here's how a cleaner can clock in and clock out or edit their time on an assigned appointment using their login.
How to Change Your Cleaner's PasswordHere's how you can change your cleaner's password for their ZenMaid account.
How to Give a Member of Your Staff Office Manager AccessAssign an employee or a contracted assistant Office Manager Status
How To Revoke Office Manager Access
Change The Order Cleaners Appear on the Schedule ViewList Cleaners Alphabetically
How To Edit A Cleaner ProfileChange Notes, Availability, Birthdate
How to let cleaners see other cleaners' schedules using Work Orders