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Appointments in ZenMaid
Appointments in ZenMaid
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How Automatically Estimate Amount Owed WorksWork items and Man hours can be automatically calculated in appointments by using Job Estimations.
How to cancel just one appointment in a recurring series
Switching Between Month, Week, and Day Views
Weekly Calendar View
How to View Daily Man Hours & Revenue
How to Create, Customize, and Update Appointment Statuses
How to collect deposits for scheduled appointmentsCreating a "Deposit appointment" to collect deposits correctly.
Appointment Statuses on ZenMaidThis article will help you understand the different statuses you can use for ZenMaid appointments.
How to change the appointment price after it is paid for
How to Color-Code the Appointments on the Calendar
How to Use the Drag and Drop Functionality on Dispatch View
How to Apply Discount on All Appointments of a Recurring Service
How to Cancel All Appointments on a Specific Day in Bulk
Map ViewHow to see your appointments on a map in ZenMaid for routing purposes.
Apply A Price Change on One or All Appointments of a Recurring ServiceHere's how you can apply an amount on one or all appointments in a recurring service.
How to Create Non-Cleaning-Related Appointments
How to Change the Time/Day/Date or Reschedule a Recurring Appointment using the Drag and Drop Function
How To Quickly Copy An AppointmentDuplicate an appointment so you can quickly copy your schedule on the calendar.
How to Switch Days in a Recurring Appointment Using The Drag And DropEditing date of a recurring appointment
How to Notate a Reason for Cancellation using the Appointment Notes
How to Change a One-Time Cleaning to a Recurring Appointment
How to View Your Customers' Ongoing Cleanings, Past Cleanings, and Future Cleanings
How to Add Appointment Details to Work Order Email ReminderAdd Type of cleaning from my custom fields
How to Block Your Calendar and Plot for Cleaner's Time-Off/Vacation, Lunch Breaks, and Holidays
How to Edit the Frequency of a Recurring Service
Ways to Change Dates of Past Appointments in a Recurring Service
How to Change Default Cleaner in a Recurring Service
How to Change Default Cleaners for One-Time Appointments
How to Change Appointments' Frequency
How to add a daily recurring service in ZenMaidNeed to schedule a client with daily appointments?
How to Create Appointments from the Customer's Page
How to Delete or Cancel an Appointment
How to Delete an Appointment from a Series of a Recurring Service
How to Edit Default Work Items in a Recurring Service
How to Edit Recurring Service Notes
How to Set the Default Color of Your Calendar and Change the Color of Cleaners, Teams, and Appointment Status
Set up Sales Tax in ZenMaid for Appointments and InvoicesAdd a Primary tax rate to your account
How to Adjust the Schedule of Recurring or One-Time Appointments
How to Filter Appointments on the Calendar