You can send these text templates manually or automatically. You can edit what you’d like to appear in these templates and if you automate, you can choose the time they get sent out. To edit text templates, click here.

  • Work Order - Sent to your employees or cleaners assigned.
  • Appointment Reminder - Remind your customers of an upcoming appointment by sending this template.
  • OMW Text - Once enabled, allows employees who have ZenMaid logins to send an OMW text notifications to customers three hours before the appointment start time through the ZenMaid mobile app.
  • Employee Cancellation Notice - Sends a text message to employees if an appointment assigned to them gets cancelled.
  • Customer Cancellation Notice - Sends a text message to customers if an appointment with them gets cancelled.
  • Booking Confirmation - Sends a text message to customers who filled out and accomplished your ZenMaid booking form. 

Additional Notes:

  • Please remember that text messages are limited to 140 characters only.
  • Adding templates that are not already provided is not a feature as of Sept 2019
  • It is not possible to have another sender number or name for texts.  This is a standard do not reply number and no way to change it. It enables us to offer this feature at no additional cost.
  • Twilio generates a number that texts will come from as +17659995107
  • There is only a text notification sent to the cleaners if the appointment is cancelled, not if has been changed.

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Updated by Mina on 12/23/2019.

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