You can send these email templates manually or automatically. You can edit what you’d like to appear in these templates and if you automate you can choose the time they get sent out. To edit email templates, click here.

  • Work Order - Send to your employees/cleaners assigned
  • Appointment Confirmation - Sent to customers confirming scheduled appointment
  • Booking Confirmation - Zenmaid offers a booking form (included in premium and buy it once plans) that can be put up on the customer’s website. You will need to fill out a survey form to set this up.
  • Comeback - You can send the comeback template to previous customers who haven’t scheduled a cleaning with you in a while.
  • Appointment Follow Up - You can send this to customers after cleaning to get a feedback from them.
  • Appointment Reminder - Send this to your customers to remind them of an upcoming appointment with you.
  • Invoice - Send invoices via email
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