This documentation shows how you can access your appointments in various ways.

ZenMaid has added new ways to view your calendar appointments. Currently, there are five ways to view them as seen on the screenshot below. To access each, just hover on the Scheduling icon from your left side panel.

Calendar View

  • The common way of viewing the appointments is the calendar view.
  • In the calendar view, you can see the appointments listed for the day, week or month using these button found on the upper right corner of the screen:
  • You can also skip to a specific day by clicking on "Go to Day" and selecting the date you want to view.

List View

  • If you want to classify the appointments you want to view into paid and unpaid, you might want to consider using the List View.
  • At the top of the List View page, you will see the appointment filters.
  • When you expand the drop down button under the Show field, it'll let you select whether you want the list view to show only paid appointments, unpaid appointments, or all appointments.
  • The From and To fields let you select the start and end date to filter what's shown on your list.
  • You may also filter out appointments based on their statuses. Just expand the drop down menu under the With Status field and make your selection.
  • Beneath the And Matching field lets you key in a customer name, employee name, street address, or even an appointment custom field to filter out the appointments shown.
  • Once you've set your filters, don't forget to hit the Show button to apply them.

Dispatch View - Horizontal

  • If you want to see the appointments assigned to your cleaners, then the dispatch view is the one you need.
  • It shows you a day's worth of appointment with the timestamps located at the top and the employees on the left leaving you with a horizontal view of your appointments.
  • It should show you the appointments assigned for each cleaner. It will help you determine the open spots the employee could work.

Dispatch View - Vertical

  • The Dispatch View - Vertical has the same functionality as its horizontal counterpart except that the employees are now at the top while the timestamps are presented on your left.

Map View (Beta)

  • Another great way of viewing your appointments is through the Map View. Note that this feature is still in beta.
  • Your appointments will be marked with a red ? icon on the map. Click on it to expand the appointment details window.
  • Click and drag to move around the map. Hit Ctrl + scroll to zoom in/out of the map.

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Updated by Mina on 12/26/2019.

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