Here's how revenue sharing works when there are two employees who have the same pay rate type (revenue share).

  • If two or more employees (with revenue share pay rate) are assigned to an appointment, ZenMaid will divide their set percentage base on the number of employees they worked with.
  • For example, if Employee 1 who has a 10% revenue share worked with Employee 2 (with a 10% revenue share) for one appointment worth $100, both their percentage will be divided by two.
  • You'll be able to inspect this when you run your payroll and clicked the View and Edit button beside the employee's name.
  • Identify which appointment that employee worked on and under the Rate column, hover your cursor over the "ℹ️" icon.
  • This will now determine how much your employees get for that appointment.

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Created by Mina on 12/10/2019.

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