This process shows the differences between two features in Payroll: the Recalculate versus Reset and Recalculate feature.

  • To access these two features, go to Payroll.
  • Note that you will only see them if a payroll is in Draft status.
  • Click the View and Edit button beside a draft payroll.
  • On the next page, click on the Actions button and you'll see these two features.

Reset and Recalculate

  • Same as deleting the payroll, recreating, and recalculating it.
  • It re-fetches all data from the calendar and ignores everything which was done before on the payroll (pay adjustments, bonuses, deductions etc.).


  • Keeps all user changes (pay changes, bonuses, deductions, exclusion of some appointments) but re-fetches all data from the calendar to refresh what is not modifiable in the payroll by the user directly (appointment times, appointment prices).
  • In most cases, users want to reset and recalculate to start their payroll anew.
  • However, if you've added a lot of custom information to it (bonuses, pay rate changes for certain appointments, etc.) and want to refresh only the appointment prices from the most recent calendar data, they can do so by recalculating.


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Updated by Mina on 11/27/2019.

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