ZenMaid lets you change a customer's classification/status. This process lets you know what types of customers are in ZenMaid and how you can change them accordingly.

  • A newly entered customer will be identified as Lead unless you specify when you first create them. A Lead is somebody whose information was captured from an email or a home advisor and you put it in the system but they didn't necessarily made an appointment. Any customer without any appointment on the calendar.
  • A contact that's labeled as One-Time Customer has only one appointment and did not sign up for a recurring service. Any customer with a one-time service in the past or future.
  • A contact that is labeled as Recurring Customer has a recurring service plotted on your calendar. Any customer with a recurring service with at least one appointment in the future.
  • A contact labeled as Former Customer is a customer that haven't had any appointments with you for at least 6 weeks. Any customer with a recurring service with at least one appointment in the past and none in the future.

How to change a customer's type?

  • From your ZenMaid dashboard, go to Contacts > All Contacts.
  • Search for the customer using the search bar then click on his/her name on the search results.
  • Once on the customer's profile, click on the Actions button then hit Edit. Scroll down until the bottom of the page.
  • Just underneath the Notes & Other Information section, you will notice the Customer History field.
  • Click on the drop down to expand the selections.
  • If you select the We never cleaned for this customer option, the customer will remain as a Lead.
  • If you select the We cleaned for this customer but (s)he was not on a recurring service, this will change that customer's type from Lead into a One-Time Customer.
  • If you select This is a current recurring customer, this will mark him/her as a Former Customer. Only after plotting a recurring appointment for this customer on your calendar will sort him/her as a Recurring Customer.
  • If you select This is a former recurring customer, that contact will be labeled as Former Customer as well.

Changing from lead, to one time customer, recurring or similar:

  • This is automatic when an appointment is booked. 
  • All the time there are future appointments the status will show - Recurring, or one-time customer.
  • If they have had appointments but have no future bookings they will show as "former customer".
  • If they have never had an appointment they will remain as "Lead".

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Updated by Mina on 11/26/2019.

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