• To use this feature, go to “Settings” or the gear icon on the left. Select "Job Estimation".
  • Job estimation allows you to input work items and put a price on it. Example shown below:
  • It also has a default “man hour cost” feature. For example, if all of your employees are paid the same rate per hour, you could put in the default man hour cost in the box (as shown below) and when you create an appointment, that would automatically calculate the job cost for scheduled appointments.
  • Do not forget to check the box saying “Automatically estimate job cost for scheduled appointments by default” if you want the amount auto-calculated every time you create a new appointment.
  • When done, scroll down and click “Save Changes
  • You can now use the “Automatically estimate amount owed” option as referred on step 1. The “billing amount owed” should change its value whenever you choose different work items.

Important Tips & Notes:


  • This is the hourly charge you would make to your customers - for example $45.
  • This would be based on the full time to clean regardless of how many cleaners ie 8 hour clean 2 maids would be booked for 4 hours but the man hours is still 8.
  • It is really the business' preference but the more standard man hour cost that we see in other cleaning companies are around $45. Every company bills differently.
  • In ZenMaid you have 4 pay types option for your cleaners:
  • Per hour
  • Percentage Rate
  • Fixed Flat Rate
  • Variable Fixed Rate
  • The man hour cost is different from what you pay your cleaner. 

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Updated by Mina on 12/04/2019.

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