Steps on How to Create a New Employee

  1. Hover over the heart icon on the left side of the screen and click “add new employee
  2. Enter the necessary fields: First name, last name, phone number and email
  3. To allow the employee to sign in to their accounts, check the box as shown below and create a password

 4. If the employee is an Office manager, this box can be ticked

5. In order to let the employee log their time in the system, this box can be checked and can assign color for that particular employee

6. There are various options for the pay rate and job estimation as shown below

7. The notes and custom fields lets you enter the SSN, alternate phone number (if theres any) and some notes if you need to add one

8. And the employee address

9. After all fields are filled in, click ‘create employee”

10. You will be redirected to the page for that employee where you can edit and delete or inactivate the employee

11. To add custom fields for an employee, hover over the settings icon and click custom fields

12. Scroll down to “Employee Custom Fields” and click “add employee custom fields” 

13. You can add custom field that you want and choose to make it as a checkbox, dropdown or text

14. The custom field added will reflect to the notes and custom fields in the employee page 

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