Here's how you can let your employee view their own payroll through email.

Step 1: Turn the feature on.

  • From your ZenMaid dashboard, go to Settings > Teams.
  • On the next page, check the box beside the field Employees can view payrolls?.
  • Don't forget to hit the Save Changes button at the bottom!

Step 2: Run payroll.

  • For the initial steps, click here for a step-by-step process.
  • You will notice that a new Send Payroll by Email window will pop up. This is because you've turned on the feature from the previous step.
  • Select/deselect the employees you want to send their individual payroll/s to.
  • Lastly, click on the Email Payroll button. This will send the individual payroll to each employee you select to their email stored in your ZenMaid employee record.

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Created by Mina on 12/18/2019.

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