Here's how you can schedule an estimate appointment for a contact in your ZenMaid and send them the estimate information as well.

The process for setting up an estimate appointment (where you are telling your contact when you'll be there for their walk through quote) is the same process as sending a quote/estimate email to a contact where there will be no walk through.  Here is how to do both:

  • Create a new customer.
  • Create a new appointment for them with the scheduled date and time of the walk through. Add specifics to the custom fields if you would like, plus add their price if applicable.
  • On the appointment details window, change the appointment status to Estimate
  • If the estimate status is not in the list, you will need to create that by going to Settings >  Calendar.
  • Under the Advanced Settings section, create a new status and name it as Estimate.
  • To send the estimate email, go back to the appointment you created and click on the Actions button. Choose Send Email.
  • A mini window will pop up. Select the email template Estimate Confirmation from the drop down options. Click the Generate Email button.
  • Review and edit the email.
  • For Estimate Appointments -  You'll want to include the date, time, and confirm the address.
  • For Quotes/Estimates - Change the script to include the price and what all would be included in their service.
  • Click the Send Email button at the end of the window.

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Updated by Mina on 02/04/2020.

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