We offer a free concierge onboarding service so you don’t have to manually transfer over your schedule and customer list from your previous system. We’ll take care of that for you.

First, either send us a list of your customers and as much of their information as you can get (such as address, email address, phone number, notes, and etc) in a spreadsheet (.csv or .xls formats are ok).

Alternatively you can simply give us temporary access to your current solution and we'll move your customers for you.

Importing your Schedule

In order for us to move over your schedule from your current software you will need to give us access. We'll do our best to move over as much of your recurring calendar as possible.
Note: schedule importing is only for paying users

Between these two offers getting started on ZenMaid is literally simpler than any other software on the market. None will provide you this sort of concierge service, even when it's paid for.

And yes, this is free for all trial users.

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