Here are several ways on how you can create an appointment from ZenMaid.

From your dashboard

  • You don't need to go to your calendar to create an appointment. Just select Scheduling (the calendar icon on the left panel) and select Create new appointment.

From your calendar page...

There are actually two ways on how you can create an appointment from your Zenmaid calendar:

Using Actions button.

  • On your calendar, click the Actions button located at the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Pick Create Appointment.

Using the click and drag feature.

  • This method works best with the Weekly, Daily Calendar View, and Dispatch Views.
  • From the calendar, click and drag on the calendar on the correct date and time of the appointment.

Filling out the appointment details

  • Once you entered the Create Appointment side window, you'll need to pick your customer using the search bar, or create a new contact by clicking on the New Customer button.
  • Next, on the upper part of the window, you can do the following actions:

Change the status of the appointment.

Identify if the appointment is one time, or a recurring one.

Modify the date, start time, and end time.

Select an address.

Assign employees.

  • On the next part, you can fill out other custom fields and work items.
  • At the bottom part of the window, you can:

Set the price of the appointment

Mark the amount owed as paid

Automatically estimate the owed amount

Enter Notes

  • Finally, once you're done supplying all important information, you may click on the Create Appointment button.

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Updated by Mina on 12/26/2019.

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