1. Click on "Actions" button and "Create Appointment"

If you know the date and time:

  1. Plot the appointment in the calendar. A box that looks like this 

           should pop up upon plotting the schedule
      2. You can create a new record or select from the existing leads in the drop down             menu

      3. After selecting the customer, click "Proceed to next step"

    4. Choose whether the appointment is one-time or recurring

  5. After which, fill in the important fields. Assuming the appointment is recurring, the        first important field is the "repeat" field. The customer can choose how many                  times a month or in a year she wants service from you.

 6. Next is the time as shown below. You can change the time here if you have                   inputted the wrong time in the calendar.

 7. Next is the address. If the customer is already in the system, he/she will most likely       have the address. In case the customer has moved, you have the option to add             a new address as shown in the picture below.

  8. Afterwards, you can assign it to your cleaners. Just click "Assign" and a box will            appear just like in the second photo below. You can choose to assign it to a                 "team" in the dropdown button or just individually tick the boxes for each cleaner.           After selecting the cleaners, click "Assign Cleaners".

  9. The next one is the custom fields. Custom fields, together with work items can be         edited in the settings. It can be modified according to the services you offer.                 Below is an example of custom field and work items.

10. You can input the bill for a certain service in the amount owed field as shown                   below.

11. Lastly, you can record notes in the box shown below (if there's any) , hit "Create Appointment" and you're done!

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