Here are different ways to add a new contact/lead/customer into your ZenMaid account.

2 Ways to Manually Add New Customer into the System

Through creating a new appointment.

  • From your ZenMaid calendar, create an appointment.
  • On the right panel in the Create Appointment window, click on the New Customer button.

Through "Contacts"

  • From your ZenMaid dashboard, click on Contacts then select Add new contact.

Both options will lead you to the New Customer page:

  • Fill in the the important fields just like the example below:
  • The basic customer details:
  • Location details:
  • Note and other information (which can be customized in the settings):
  • Just above the Save button, expand the Customer History drop down menu and select which is the appropriate option for your entry.
  • Click "Save" or "Save and Create Appointment" if you are ready to create an appointment.
  • Take note that if you add a lead/contact using the first method, only the Save and Create Appointment option will be visible.

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Updated by Mina on 12/25/2019.

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