Here's how you can view the past cleaning records for your customers.

  • From your Zenmaid dashboard, go to Contacts > All Contacts.
  • Type in your customer's name you want to check the records of past cleanings on the search bar.
  • Look on the search results and click the one that matches.
  • On your customer's profile, scroll down until you reach the bottom Scheduled Services section.
  • Click on the Past button beside the Ongoing and Future button if you want to see that customer's past cleanings.
  • Stay on the Ongoing and Future tab to see all ongoing and future schedules.
  • Note that the items showing in this page are a set of different appointments. So, if your customer has two recurring/one-time cleaning appointments at the present, it will show two items on the Ongoing and Future tab. If the customer has one recurring/one-time service that has stopped in the past, it will show this one item on the Past tab.
  • For Recurring appointment types, you may click on the Manage Recurring Service button to view and edit the whole series as well as edit each cleaning in the series (you will be able to view it on the next page).
  • For One Time appointments, you may click the Manage Appointment button to view and edit the appointment details.
  • Alternate option not shown above: You can also go to your List View and search for your specific client so it shows their appointments only:

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Updated by Mina on 11/15/2019.

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