There are two ways to check your cleaner's clock in and out records.  

Their last cleaning visit, from the Calendar View:

1. On the Calendar View, click on the appointment you want to check the clock in/out times for. 

A pop up screen will appear and you will see their clock in and out records:

If you click on the mobile app icon, you will be able to see if your employees clocked in and out through the app.  Clicking on the globe icon will allow you to see their GPS location where they clocked in and out.

If you would like to edit the clock in and out time, select the Time In/Out button. 

For a history of clock in/out times, from the List View:

If you would like to see a history of a specific contacts, clock in and out times, you can do that from the List View.

1.  On the List View, enter the date range of the records you'd like to see.

2.  In the search box, you can choose to drill down on a specific customer for that date range by searching for their name.  Or, if you would like to drill down on an employee's clock in/and out times, you can enter their name into the search box.  You will use the far right hand arrow  to display their clock in and out times. 

Trouble shooting: If your cleaners are not seeing the clock in and out button on their app, please have them make sure that their GPS tracking is on. If their app says "no gps data found", it will not display their clock in and out button.  More information here: No clock in/out button.

Pro - Tip:  Did you know that there is a help video that explains many other aspects of the List View in your ZenMaid software? Just look towards the top right and you'll see the video. It looks like the image below. Check it out!


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