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Zapier Integration: Connect ZenMaid with Google Calendar
Zapier Integration: Connect ZenMaid with Google Calendar
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Here's how you can connect your ZenMaid account to your Google Calendar through Zapier Integration. This will allow an automatic Google Calendar schedule creation when you create an appointment in ZenMaid.

  • Log in to your Zapier account.

  • Once inside, click the Create Zap button.

  • Search for ZenMaid in the Choose a Trigger App field. On the dropdown, select ZenMaid Beta.

  • Select ZenMaid's trigger as One-Time Service Created. Click on Save + Continue.

  • On the next page, click on Connect an Account button if you haven't linked your ZenMaid account yet. If you already connected it, just click on it and then click on the Save + Continue button again.

  • Next, add an action step by clicking on Action: An action is an event a Zap performs after it starts

  • Search and click for Google Calendar as your Action App.

  • Pick Create Detailed Event then click on Save + Continue again.

  • Next, connect or select your Google Calendar the click again on Save + Continue button.

  • The next page would be Set up Google Calendar Detailed Event.

  • On the Calendar section, you'll be required to select which calendar you want the appointment to show up on when you create one on your ZenMaid.

  • On the Summary, Description, section, pick the appointment header you prefer. Just click on the drop-down button to expand your choices (don't type the information, use the variables in the drop-down).

*Note that for the Description field, press return ('Enter' key) so the data you'll select (can be multiple data) will not look jumbled when it shows up.

*For the Location field, select Customer Service Addresses Display Line as it has the best address format.

  • For the Start Date & Time, search and click on Start Date & Time drop-down item. For the End Date & Time, search and select End Time drop-down item and End Date item.

  • The fields Repeat Frequency, Repeat Until, Repeat How Many Times?, All Day are not necessary to include in.

  • Set the Visibility section to Calendar Default.

  • For the field Show as Free or Busy, it is preferable if you select Free. You may select Busy if you're using other scheduling software such as Calendly.

  • On the next page, click on the Send Test to Google Calendar button. Once you see that the test went successful, you may then click the Finish button.

  • Feel free to give your Zap a name and don't forget to turn the toggle on.

Important Notes:

  • When you cancel an appointment from ZenMaid, it won't automatically cancel on your Google Calendar.

  • This zap works for one-time appointments. To add recurring appointments to your Google Calendar, you must create a second zap using the "Recurring service created" option as the trigger.


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