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Booking Form and Marketing Sources
Booking Form and Marketing Sources

How to tie submissions back to a marketing source through your booking form.

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Facebook Pixel / Google Analytics Instructions

You will add Facebook Pixel / Google Analytics to your website, including the page you are installing the ZenMaid booking form. Be sure to install Facebook Pixel / Google Analytics to a "thank you page", if you have one.

You can link the "thank you page" to the ZenMaid booking form as a redirect, if you are using the Advance Install of the booking form on your website. ZenMaid's booking form can contain a redirect link that can be added to the user's website, thank you page, etc. This redirection can help you with website tracking.

Here is how to set up a redirect link in your ZenMaid booking form:

- From your Dashboard go to Bookings > My booking form.

- Locate the booking form you want to add a redirect link to and click on the Edit Form button in the left upper corner next to the booking form.

- When the form is open to be edited, select the Confirmation section on the upper line.

- Scroll down to the field where is written: "CUSTOMERS ARE REDIRECTED TO THIS URL AFTER COMPLETING THE FORM" and type the link you want your users to be redirected to after completing the booking form. This can be your website, your Facebook, or even a special 'thank you' page to track leads won.

- Do not forget to click the Save Booking Form button.

To Add The Booking Form To FaceBook or Marketing Emails

Most of the ZenMaid users do not have 2000+ followers so adding the booking form to a website is what our ZenMaid users focus the most on.

On Facebook, you can link your Booking Form instead of embedding it.

Click the button to learn more:

The Booking form can also be added to Facebook by creating a post, and adding the booking form URL for your followers to engage with.
Since the booking form is its own one-page website in a way, customers can still book when they click the link. You can also add this link to emails and texts to send to customers to fill out.

To locate the URL for each of your booking forms, head to My Booking Forms and locate the URL to copy & paste the link where you like:

You can also edit the URL by clicking the link under the URL listed.


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