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How to Connect ZenMaid to Mailchimp to Send Mass Emails
How to Connect ZenMaid to Mailchimp to Send Mass Emails

How to send Mass emails via ZenMaid using Mailchimp

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You can integrate ZenMaid with Mailchimp and sync your contacts and then using Mailchimp, you can send out emails to your clients. Create your free account with Mailchimp here

  • Click on Settings.

  • On the next page, click on All Integrations

  • Click on How to use this integration?

  • Enter your Mailchimp API Key and click on Save Changes

  • Go to your Contacts page by clicking on the people icon and click All Contacts

  • On the top left click the Actions dropdown button and click Sync Contacts to Mailchimp

  • On the pop-up bar, choose what you want to sync (ex: just leads, just customers, or both) then click Start Sync.

  • Once done, you can log in to your Mailchimp and start sending the mass email from there.

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Updated by Tica on 12/26/2022.

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