Here is how ZenMaid works with Zapier, we connect apps you use regularly to ZenMaid so every time you create a customer in our platform it will automatically create it or update it in a number of apps, this way you don't have to spend another second on copy pasting customers’ info EVER AGAIN.

1.- If you don't have a Zapier account yet you can create one HERE and stay Logged in for the rest of the process.

2.- The next thing is getting Acces to ZenMaid
Click in the link above and there we are going to search for ZenMaid and click the icon for ZenMaid app .

3.- We need to click on "Start using ZenMaid now!"

4.- Once you make to this page.

Scroll down and accept the invite to build a Zap.

5.- Now we can start to build Zaps in the home page of zapier.

 6.- Make sure you can find ZenMaid between the Trigger apps, and that's it! You are ready to automatize your work load.

Here is a list of the app we connect with, if you click on one of them it'll take you to an article on how to connect that app to ZenMaid:

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