• On the appointment overview shown at the right side after selecting the desired appointment, click on "Actions" and select "Manage recurring service" from its drop down.

  • Once taken to the "Manage Recurring Service" page, click the "Actions" button again and select "Adjust service frequency" from its.

  • Adjust the frequency of the service by looking under the "Repeats" section in the pop-up box.

  • The "Starting" field will be the new starting date of the new recurring schedule.
  • The "Starting with appointment on" has all the dates of when the current appointment cycle will occur. Selecting one will trigger the changes on that particular day.

  • Hit "Update Service" to apply your changes.

Frequency Notes:

Appointment options do not include recurring yearly, every 4 months, or any other custom time frame (Nov 2019). However, creating a task offers other frequency options.

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