Here's a workaround to be able to include your pay as the owner in your payroll's computation.

  • First, set-up your pay rate via your employee profile page. From your ZenMaid dashboard, go to Employees > All Employees.
  • Click on your (owner's) name to go to your employee profile.
  • On your profile, click on the Actions button then select Edit.
  • Expand the Pay Rate and Job Estimation section by clicking on its tab.
  • Underneath the Pay Type field, click to expand the drop down button.
  • Select the option Fixed Flat Rate.
  • On the Amount Per Cleaning field, enter the amount the owner gets every time you run payroll.
  • Next up, create a fake customer and fake appointment that you'd assign yourself into.
  • Make sure that the fake appointment is recurring depending on how frequently you run payroll. If you run your payroll monthly, set the fake appointment with a monthly recurring service. If you run your payroll weekly, set it weekly as well.
  • Now, every time you run payroll, your owner's salary will become accounted for as well.

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Created by Mina on 12/02/2019.

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