This process shows you how you can add new coupons / discount codes to give to your customers or use to discount their prices off on appointments. This will also show where your customers can use it and where you can use it too.

How to create discount codes?

You will create all new coupons plus manage existing coupons in the Settings page.  Here are the steps to create a new discount code/coupon:

  • From the ZenMaid dashboard, go to Settings (last menu item on the far left hand side menu bar) then Discount Codes.
  • On the next page, click on the New Coupon button.
  • Under the Coupon Info part, name your discount code in the name field and drop its description in the description field. These information is only for your reference and customers will not be able to see it.
  • Under the Coupon Discount part on the right side, identify the discount type by expanding the drop down menu.
  • If you choose Flat $ Discount, you'd have to specify the amount under the Discount field.
  • You may also impose a minimum spend amount under the Minimum spend of.. field.
  • If you choose % Discount, you'd have to specify the discount's percentage beneath the % Discount field and same goes to the Minimum spend of.. field.
  • Difference in examples:  $10 off would be Flat $ Discount where as 50% off Spring Clean would be % Discount.
  • The next thing you need to identify is the Coupon Settings. Just expand the drop down to see the menu.
  •  Choose your Coupon Settings

My team will apply it within ZenMaid directly - No code, discount is at our discretion - This first option is for internal use and you may manually apply this discount to any appointment on your calendar.

My customers will redeem it when they book with us - Only once code, can be used multiple times - This second option can be redeemed and entered by your customers when they use your booking form. Best used for announced discounts (like Facebook ads, email campaigns, etc.) as it generates as universal discount codes for multiple uses.

My customers will redeem it when they book with us - Multiple codes, each code can be used only once - The last option can also be redeemed and entered by your customers when they use your booking form. You're required to come up with your discount prefix and suffix codes while ZenMaid will generate a 6 letter unique code at the middle.

  • Once you create this coupon, you'll have to click on the + Coupon codes button first then click on Generate 100 new codes.
  • Then, you may download a CSV file containing all these unique codes for tracking purposes.
  • Using the example above, you can name your coupon something like: MommyAndMe$25OFF.
  • Once all is set, click on the Create Coupon button.

Where to use discount codes?

Manual Coupon Application

  • You may apply the coupon/s you created manually.
  • To do this, click on the appointment,
  • On the appointment details window, head over to the Amount Due section.
  • Expand the drop down menu under Discount then choose which discount you'd like to apply on the appointments.
  • This will recalculate the total amount owed of the customer.

Booking Form Application

  • Your customers can use your discount codes on your ZenMaid booking form.
  • All they have to do is accomplish your booking form and enter the code/s you have for them.
  • Make sure that you have this booking form element in your active booking form.

Coupon Code & Discount Notes:

  • Although currently there is no way to delete coupons that are no longer being used, we can set these so that they do not interfere by selecting the "My team will apply it to Zenmaid directly" option for the coupons you are not wanting to use. (Oct 2019)

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Updated by Mina on 01/15/2020.

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