This process shows how you can modify a booking form into a tool to capture the credit card  of your existing customers in ZenMaid.

Click the New Booking Form Button at the top right to get started: 

Step 1: Integrate ZenMaid and Stripe.

Step 2: Create a modified booking form.

  • From your ZenMaid dashboard, go to Bookings > My Booking Form.
  • Click on the Add New Booking Form button located on the top right.
  • On the next page, click on the ✏️ icon beside the default title Complete Your Booking! and subtitle field and change the form's title and subtitle such as Credit Card Authorization.
  • Scroll down through the booking form and drag any items unrelated to capturing credit cards into the right panel using the four-way arrow icon on the upper right corner.
  • After getting rid of unnecessary booking form items, add in the Payment Info (located at the right panel) element by clicking on the four-way arrow icon beside it and dragging it across the form wherever you want it to place.
  • Change your Form Button Caption into something like Submit Now instead of the default Book Now.
  • After that, go the Pricing tab and uncheck the box beside Display price estimate next to the form?
  • Then, go to the Settings tab to customize your card authorization form's URL. Make sure that every word should be separated using a dash '-' instead of space.
  • Under the Appointment Creation field, set it to I want to manually confirm every appointment before they are placed on the calendar.
  • Go to the Booking Confirmation tab and uncheck the boxes beside Send a booking confirmation email to customer and Send a booking confirmation SMS to customers.
  • Make modifications according to your preferences. Double check everything and hit the Save Changes button.

Step 3: Link your Card Authorization form to your customers to fill out.

  • Once you've saved the changes you made, you'll be redirected back to your My Booking Form page.
  • Copy the URL under the Share box beside your newly created form. You can hyperlink this URL through email. You may also attach this link in your ZenMaid email templates such as your Work Order. Click here to know how.


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Created by Mina on 11/14/2019.

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