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How to Link Your Social Media or Review Sites in Your Email Templates
How to Link Your Social Media or Review Sites in Your Email Templates
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Here's how you can include your social media accounts (such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.) or Review Sites (Google, Yelp, etc) into your Zenmaid email templates.

  • Make sure you have your social media profile URL prepared.

  • From your Zenmaid dashboard, go to Settings > Emails & Texts.

  • On the next page, go to any tab you'd like to insert your social media account to under the Email Templates section.

  • Scroll down until the Body section of the template.

  • Type in the phrase/word you'd like to link your account with and highlight it.

  • Once the word/phrase is highlighted, click on he πŸ”— icon or you may simply hit Ctrl + K on Windows, or Cmd + K on Mac.

  • Make sure that you've copied in your social media profile's URL. Paste it on the pop-up window under the field To what URL this link should go?

  • Feel free to choose if you'd like the link to open in a new window by ticking the box on/off.

  • Don't forget to click on the Insert Link button.

  • Finally, click on the Save Changes button to save.


  • You may also apply a little text formatting to the word/phrase that you attached your link to to make it pop out even more such as a colorful text like bright red.

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Created by Mina on 11/05/2019.

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