In this process, you will learn how to check the bookings that are made from your booking form. You will also learn how to convert your booking inquiries to contacts.

Step 1: Log in to your Zenmaid account.

  • On the dashboard, click on Bookings > Bookings from the left side panel.
  • The next page will show you three tabs:
  • Pending tab.
  • This tab has all the new inquiries from your booking form that you have yet to contact.
  • Confirmed tab.
  • All confirmed inquiries will go here.
  • Archived tab.
  • All rejected inquiries will go here.

Step 2: Convert an inquiry to lead/contact.

  • On the Pending tab, select the desired booking entry.
  • If a booking entry has complete details (appointment data, appointment time, address), you will see a button that says "Convert to Appointment".
  • If a booking entry has incomplete details, you may opt to convert the contact as your lead by clicking on the "Convert to Lead" button.
  • Simply click on the "Archive" button if you wish to archive the booking inquiry.


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Created by Mina on 10/16/2019.

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