Get sure that you have the Godaddy's credentials of the customer, then login the account and click on Manage the website.

Go to website tab.

Click on >edit site >content.

There look for Contact Us or the place where is supposed to be to be the Booking Form.

Once you are sure there's the place to embed the form delete the section.

Add a new html section an edit it.

Set a Title and paste the First code from your Setup booking page on the Custom Code space.

Copy the third code and paste it too in the same field after the first code.

Click on Done

Now Preview and if it works Publish 

After some seconds of loading click on "View Site" to double check your work

If you want a button in your page to send you to the booking form like this

Find the secction where is the button (In this case it looks like the button is at the header)

Go to Action Button and assign the section of the page where's the form

Click on Done

Check your work and that's it! Now you have learn how to embed a Booking Form in any GoDaddy based page. 

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