Zenmaid has made it much easier to export your contacts. You may also choose to export a group of contacts with a variety of filter. This step-by-step process shows you how to do so:

Exporting All Contacts

  • Go to Contacts > All Contacts.
  • Click the Actions button on top.
  • Choose Export Contacts to CSV...
  • On the pop up choose All My [#] Contacts then click Export.  
  • Save the file when a new window prompted.

Exporting Filtered Contacts

  • On your All Contacts page, feel free to toggle between the filters shown below:

-Customer status

  • All records
  • All customers
  • Leads
  • Former customers
  • Recurring customers
  • One-time customers


-Post Code

  • Once you've set your desired filters, click on Actions.
  • Select Export Contacts to CSV...
  • This time, you'll have to select the option The Filtered [#] Contacts.
  • Click on the Export button.
  • Save the file when a new window prompted.
  • Click on the Reset Filters button to reset.


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