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How to Create & Edit Booking Forms
How to Create & Edit Booking Forms

Booking Form 101

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If you want to learn how to create your booking form, go through these simple steps below:

Step 1: Log in to your ZenMaid Account Here

Step 2: Go to > Bookings > All Booking Forms section on ZenMaid's Side Bar

Step 3: Click on the +New Booking Form button. If you create multiple forms, you will need to scroll past the top one listed to see the next one & so on.

Step 4: On ZenMaid every customer can edit their Booking Form(s) to fit their needs, we have a set and Standard Booking Form that should help you to start your personalized poll, before going deeper into this take a look!


You can add any of these Elements on the right side just by dragging them, also you can reorganize your questions by dragging them up or down in the form.


We do offer a calendar portion so that customers can select their desired time and date. This is not a live calendar so a message above to let the customer know that calendar availability may be limited is an option. More about the calendar widget here.


Since the extras have so much customization, it is best that they are added two at a time and then click the save button. More about extras here. Need more icons, click here.

Custom Questions

If you need to ask something more specific, you can add any custom field using the element Custom Question.


By setting your prices in the sliders that you select, you'll be able to provide a price estimation to show to your clients. You will also be able to see the price that was quoted when a booking comes through.

Pricing tab to set the minimum or the base price of your form


You can add/customize a Sidebar that your customers will be able to see at the side of the Booking Form they were filling. This is your chance to sell to the customer with key points about your company. You can add up to 6 sidebar elements!

Click +Add Sidebar Element, use the pencils to edit the wording, and click the STAR icon for a pop-up menu to select clean design icons or colorful icons. Hit Save Sidebar once completed.


Customize your appearance to your company's colors.

You can use a Color Picker tool to select your website colors for a perfect match.


Manage how you are going to handle the bookings that come in & the status that they are given.


Edit the final message or select to send the customer an email/text to confirm their booking. You can also add a redirect link to take them back to your website or a marketing page. More about the email/text that is sent out here.

Once you are done customizing, scroll down and click on Save and that's it!

Time to install the booking form on your website, use the URL in your online business listings & social media pages. We have tutorials for this installation process for your website or our team can take this task on for you.

Do you still need a hand with this? Our team will gladly help you to set up your new booking page and get it added to your website. Just click on the message bubble to send us a message!

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