Here is how ZenMaid works with Zapier. We connect apps you regularly use with ZenMaid so every time you create a customer in our platform, it will automatically create it or update it in a number of apps. This way you, don't have to spend another second on copy pasting customers’ info EVER AGAIN.

  • If you don't have a Zapier account yet, you can create one HERE and stay Logged in for the rest of the process.
  • The next thing is getting Acces to ZenMaid.
  • Click in the link above and there we are going to search for ZenMaid and click the icon for ZenMaid app.
  • If you need more information on how to connect ZenMaid to Mailchimp here is a link to an article.
  • To connect ZenMaid to Mailchimp using Zapier, once you accept the invite, you're going to click at the upper right the "Make a Zap!" button.
  • Choose ZenMaid as the Trigger App.
  • If ZenMaid doesn't show as a trigger app, it means that you have not accepted the invite yet But don't worry, you can check this article to get some help on How to Connect ZenMaid to Zapier.
  • Click on "Save + Continue".
  • Next, select the ZenMaid account that you want to connect. 
  • Search and select a customer to test your Zap and continue.
  • Add an Action step.
  • Choose an Action App, here's where we are going to look for Mailchimp.
  • Select Mailchimp Action. Choose Create Contact.
  • Zapier should automatically find your Mailchimp account, if there are multiples, select the account you want to connect to ZenMaid.
  • Then "Save + Continue". (If for any reason there's no account shown in here, we will have to click on Connect an Account
  • Now is time to set up how we want to use the information in ZenMaid to fill the Mailchimp form.
  • Just click on the icon in the right of every field and you'll see the information of the customer that ZenMaid have for you. 
  • Send Test Contact: here you'll see everything you have chosen. Scroll down and continue to test your Zap if it seems ok for you.
  • The test should be successful, now you are just one step away from the finish line!
  • Make the honors and baptize your new Zap! 
  • Remember to turn it on and that's it! You have connected ZenMaid to Mailchimp using Zapier! 

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Updated by Mina on 01/10/2020.

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