Do you need us to import your data from another scheduling software/CRM? We'd be happy to!

To start the process, please click the link below to begin the contact import. This will ask you for a password. From there we can import recurring appointments, your customers, and employees.

Keep in mind this is a one time thing and not an ongoing synchronization between apps :)


Our new Concierge Onboarding Form are for trial users and paying subscribers. While we only import customers and employees for trial users, they may now opt to skip their trial to have their appointments uploaded into their ZenMaid account as well.

To access the form, click the link below:

This process usually takes 2-4 business days from when we receive your file.

***Important!! If you already have scheduled appointments, please write those down or screen shot them as this process might delete those already scheduled jobs.***

Thanks and welcome to ZenMaid!

***The warning message is meant for Zenmaid and trial appointments or any you may have already made. It will not affect any data you have in your previous software such as HCP or Launch27.***


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Updated by Mina on 12/27/2019

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