First, make sure that you’ve added all your employees and set up their pay rate. You choose/edit how you compensate your employees (hourly, revenue share, fixed flat rate, or variable flat rate) when you create them in the employees page.

To run a payroll,

  • Go to Payroll from your ZenMaid dashboard.
  • Set the dates using the From and To fields then hit the “Run Payroll” button.
  • On the next page, you can edit the payroll for each employee. If you wish to edit, click the "View and Edit" button.
  • You can edit the appointment wage by clicking on the “Edit” button beside the each appointment cleaned by your employee.
  • A window will pop up that allows you to adjust the employee's wage and extras using the fields underneath them.
  • Click on the "Save Job Pay" button to exit and apply your adjustments.
  • Once you're done editing an individual employee's payroll, click on “Back to Payroll Summary”.
  • Click on “Actions” drop down button > select “Approve”.
  • When using variable rate for paying employees, the amount entered for payroll has to be entered every time for each appointment.


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