Here are ways on how you can create a new task in ZenMaid.

Ways to Create a Task

Through the Actions button

  • From your ZenMaid dashboard, go to Scheduling and select any appointment view your prefer.
  • On the next page, hit the Actions button and click Create Task.
  • A new window will pop up in the sidebar. Fill in the fields to customize your task.
  • The *Task field is your task title. Put any task notes inside the Note field. Set a due date using the Due calendar menu and make it a recurring task using the Set to repeat button. Note that the task will be visible on the due date set.
  • Don't forget to click on the Create button once done!
  • You may also delete a task just by clicking on it on the calendar and clicking on theĀ 

Through the Task pane

  • Go to Calendar View (Weekly or Day view), or Dispatch View (Horizontal or Vertical).
  • Find the task pane and click on anywhere (or on the correct date if you're using the weekly calendar view).
  • The same box like the one above should pop up.

Through the Calendar View (Month)

  • From your ZenMaid Calendar View, click on month.
  • Identify which date you want to create a task and click on it from your calendar.
  • This will pop up the New Task window from the previous steps.

Additional Notes:

  • If you'd like to delete a task, just go to your Calendar View and click on it.
  • When the task details window pops up to your right, click on the Delete button.
  • You may also mark a task as completed using the Complete button. After clicking it, the task will change from red to blue color on your calendar.

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Updated by Mina on 12/27/2019.

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