2 Ways to Manually Add New Customer into the System

Through "Actions" button

  1. Click "Actions" button and "Create and Appointment"

2. A box that look like the photo below should pop up

3. On the box highlighted below, you have the option to pick from one of your leads or create a new record.

4. If you opt to create a new record, click "Proceed to next step"

Through "Contacts" icon

  1. Click "contacts" icon located at the left side of the page and click "Add new contact"

Both options will lead you to this page

Fill in the the important fields just like the example below:
The basic customer details:

Location details:

Note and other information (which can be customized in the settings):

Click "Save" if you want to save it as a lead to your system and "Save and Create Appointment" if you are ready to create an appointment.

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