ZenMaid lets you delete your data as you wish. It can be your ZenMaid appointments, contacts/customers, employees/cleaners, etc.

  • If you're into wiping a data, along with other associated data, from your ZenMaid account, you may choose the DELETE option.
  • As a consequence, deleted data can no longer be retrieved for future use.
  • Thus, if you don't want to show data but you still need to retain the record, you may opt in doing the following actions instead:

Cancel appointments instead.

  • Instead of this:
  • Do this:
  • Uncheck the Show by Default in Calendar for the Cancelled status by going to Settings > Calendar so it doesn't show up visually on your calendar by default (just like deleting it, but doesn't wipe away from your system).

Mark previous customers as Former Customer

  • Instead of this:

Inactivate employees.

  • Instead of this:
  • Do this:
  • Inactivated employees will no longer show when you go to Employees > All Employees page.
  • You can view the inactive employees whenever you like by setting the employee filters to Inactive.

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Created by Mina on 02/19/2020.

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