• On the sidebar menu, hover on the "Settings" button and click "Emails & Texts".
  • Click on "Appointment Reminder" under the "Text Templates" section.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and under the Body section, select the desired schedule on when to send the Appointment Reminder.
  • Identify which status to you want your Text Appointment Reminders sent.
  • Choose the desired time of the day the Appointment Reminder should be sent
  • Hit "Save Changes" once done.

For only a few clients to receive an appointment reminder via text instead of every customer, this can be done very easily on the appointment itself.

  • In the calendar view, click on the appointment.
  • Under the "Actions" drop down tab, there will be an option to send text.
  • There will be a dropdown of templates to choose from. Appointment reminder is there.
  • If you do this manually, it will not automatically send even if it is a recurring appointment.
  • Each customer and appointment will need this action of sending text reminders. 

Another option is slating your existing clients with the option of mobile or mobile (do not text). Then you can use the feature of automatic text reminders to the clients who do want a reminder.  Plus, it will generate for recurring. 



  • Currently, a ZenMaid customer can send 1 text reminder and 1 email reminder with varying timings.  There is no feature of double texting (one 10 days before appointment  and another 3 days before appointment) Sept 2019.
  • The reminder time can not be customized per customer's recurring service.

Example: on the every four week, monthly customers would benefit with a reminder a week out. OR  A weekly and biweekly customer, to get a day before reminder.

  • There is not an option for clients or employees to reply back to text reminders.

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Reviewed by Mina on 11/27/2019.

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