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Zapier Integration: Connect ZenMaid with Compass Wave (Create Appointment in ZenMaid Zap)
Zapier Integration: Connect ZenMaid with Compass Wave (Create Appointment in ZenMaid Zap)
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Here is how you can connect Compass Wave and ZenMaid. This process shows how you can automatically create an appointment in ZenMaid using a zap from Zapier through Compass Wave.

Step 1: Log in to ZenMaid, Compass Wave and Zapier.

  • Prepare your integrations by logging in your account for ZenMaid, Compass Wave and Zapier.

  • Open each software on three tabs.

Step 2: Connect your ZenMaid account to your Zapier.

  • From your Zapier dashboard, click on the Apps button.

  • On the next page, find the Filter By Category section then click on Early Access.

  • Scroll half way down and you should be able to see the ZenMaid icon. Click on it.

  • On the next page, click on the Start using ZenMaid now! button.

  • Next, click on the Accept Invite & Build a Zap button.

Step 3: Make your Zap.

  • Clicking on the Accept Invite & Build a Zap button will redirect you back to the Zapier page. Click on the Make a Zap! button on the upper right hand corner of the screen.

  • On the When this happens ... stage, search for Webhooks using the search bar then click on the icon named Webhooks by Zapier.

  • This will show the trigger option. Expand the drop down menu under Choose Trigger Event option then select Catch Hook.

  • Press Continue. Zapier will then give you a Custom Webhook URL. Copy it.

  • Go to your Compass Wave account. Go to Settings > Tools.

  • Click on Integrations under the Estimate Tool section.

  • Paste the link you copied from Zapier under the field Zapier Webhook URL then click on Save Changes.

  • Next up, create a data for the zap you're creating to find it. Click the link to your Estimating Tool on the next page.

  • Fill out the fields as you go and hit the Continue button. At the final step, click on the Get Estimate! button.

  • Go back to Zapier and hit the Continue button.

  • Click the Test & Continue button in the Find Data Zapier section.

  • On the next stage of the zap (2. Do this ...), search for ZenMaid under the Choose App & Event field. Make sure you select the ZenMaid (1.3.0) on the search results.

  • Choose Create Appointment under the Choose Action Event then hit Continue.

  • Next, choose your account and hit Continue again.

Step 4: Customize your appointment.

  • After choosing your ZenMaid account, customize your appointment.

  • On the Start Time and End Time fields, specify when you'd like the estimates go through your Compass Wave go to ZenMaid like the example below.

  • As you go through each field, be sure to click on the link icon highlighted below and select the corresponding field under the Catch Hook options.

Step 5: Split your customer's first name and last name.

  • Zapier will require that you specify the customer's first name and last name separately. However, Compass Wave captures it as a whole.

  • You would now then need to make a simple customization by going a step back and add an extra step after the first one. Scroll up and click on the '+' button.

  • After clicking on the add step button, select Formatter.

  • Under the Choose Action Event, click on Text then hit Continue.

  • Under the Transform field, type in 'split' then select Split Text.

  • Choose your Input as Name.

  • Now, skip until the Segment Index and select All (as Separate Fields) for it.

  • Hit Continue then Test & Continue.

Step 6: Finish your Zap.

  • Go back to customizing your appointment.

  • Now for the Customer First Name and Customer Last Name fields, you can now populate the correct data by choosing the Text option (instead of the Catch Hook option) and selecting the appropriate item.

  • Finish choosing the remaining fields then hit on Continue.

  • You may test it by clicking on the Test & Continue button.

  • Click on the Done Editing button as well.

  • Don't forget to turn on your Zap using the toggle button found on the upper right corner of the screen.

  • You may check on your ZenMaid account if the test data went through and created an appointment in your calendar.

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Created by Mina on 01/28/2020.

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