This process shows how you can set up sales receipt through Stripe and Quickbooks when payment is made or taken in ZenMaid using Zapier.

  • There should be two zaps created in Zapier:
  • A zap that copies customers to QB and Stripe once a new customer is created in ZenMaid.
  • Another zap that converts Stripe charges as sales receipts in QB.
  • On your first zap, choose the Contact Created in ZenMaid as the trigger.
  • Set the next step as Find or Create Customer in QuickBooks Online.
  • Next, choose Create Customer in Stripe as the third step.
  • On your second zap, choose the New Charge in Stripe as the trigger.
  • On the next step, choose Create Sales Receipt in QuickBooks Online.


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Created by Mina on 01/05/2019.

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