Here are some points to take note of when using the Revenue by Customer Custom Field report on your ZenMaid Reports page.

  • This report will only take account your Customer Custom Fields that are in drop down type.
  • This means that any other type of Customer Custom Fields (such as Checkbox, Short Text, or Long Text) won't show up when you run your Revenue by Customer Custom Field report.
  • In addition, apply a segmentation with not too many options to make the report readable. Minimize with your drop down options as much as you can so your report will deliver best results.
  • Having a lot will give your report a lot of different columns/lines.
  • To access and run your Revenue by Customer Custom Field report, go to Reports from your ZenMaid dashboard.
  • Find the section Revenue by Customer Custom Field under Marketing and Growth and click on the Run Report button.
  • You may click on the How to use this report? button beside for additional details about running the report.
  • On the next page, set the dates by clicking using the From and To fields.
  • Under the For field, click to show options. Again, the options would only show your customer custom fields that are in drop down format.
  • Click on the Run Report button and wait for your report to be generated.

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Created by Mina on 11/14/2019.

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