Here are some of the points to take note of about your contact's mobile phone numbers.

Question:  If a contact has two mobile numbers, both will receive the automated text, right? If both saved as "mobile".


  • ZenMaid will only send to the first phone number that was added in the system.
  • Also, in order for an SMS to be delivered, your customer has to have a mobile phone number as SMS cannot be delivered to landlines.
  • Therefore, if your customer ever says that they aren't receiving texts, double check that they do have a mobile number in their profile. 
  • You do have the ability to add a mobile phone number with the option to not text them. 

Question: Does ZenMaid send text notifications to customers within Australia?


  • ZenMaid offers SMS for Australian companies though there is an additional charge due to the insane fees in your country (SMS costs us 10x more than the same feature in the US and Canada - no idea why :-(  ).
  • As of Nov 2019, SMS is included in the account price but we may begin passing on text fees if they get too high. We've only had to do that with 1 very big customer in NZ.

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Updated by Mina on 12/18/2019.

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