1. Step one is to make a Zapier account.
  2. Click on Create Zap to continue.  You'll then be lead to a customize the zap page.

3. Search for Stripe and click on the logo. Now you'll have to login to your Stripe account and provide your Secret Api key. (You can found it going to https://dashboard.stripe.com/account/apikeys)

4. Select the trigger you are looking for. (Ex: New customer. When you create a new customer in Stripe then this zap will activate automatically)

5. Look for the App you want to connect. In this case ZenMaid (You can integrate Stripe directly to ZenMaid but If you still want to integrate your stripe using Zapier you can access to our beta through this link and you'll be able to see us in this searcher)

6. Select what you want to happend in ZenMaid

7. Assign the variables on Stripe to the one that match better on ZenMaid

8. Click on continue

9. Click Send Test To ZenMaid

10. Save and Finish

11. Next to your Zap name, you'll see the option to turn on your Zap.  


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Updated by Natalia 07/13/2020

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