Step one is to make a Zapier account...

  1.  You will see a tab called, "What Do You Want To Automate Today?"
  2. Type in "Stripe" in the Connect this app and type in "QuickBooks Online" under the With This One! box. You will then see another two boxes pop up that look like this: 

3.  In the When this, you want to type in "New Charge".  In the > Then do this! box, type in "Create Invoice".

4.  Click on Make A Zap! to continue.  You'll then be lead to a customize the zap page.

5.  Connect your Stripe account.  Once connected, you can run a 'test' and it will show a green success! message if you did it correctly. Save and Continue.

6.  On the next screen, it will ask if you want to include failed charges.  (If you would like to know that a charge has failed, select "yes".  If not, ignore this step).

7.  The next screen you'll see is layout options.  Choose which layout works best for you by clicking on the down arrow of each example (or select see more examples) and finding the one that has the closest match to the information you want included.

8.  Continue.

9.  On the next screen, it will ask you which app you wan to connect with. Choose Quickbooks Online.

10.  Choose Invoice as your action item.

11.  Save and Continue

12.  On your next screen, you'll want to set up what happens in each step.  Choose Customer by Email (second box).

13. Scroll down to "Line Amount" and choose price. (If you charge your clients after every job, scroll down to Transaction Date and select Amount) (If not, ignore this step)

14.  Scroll down to Service Date and select that one if you wish. (Recommend).

15.  Continue

16.  Click Send Test To QuickBooks Online

17.  Save and Finish

18.  Name your Zap

19.  Next to your Zap name, you'll see the option to turn on your Zap.  

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