Adding a form to Facebook (Custom iFrame App)

Once you have your booking form set up in ZenMaid, you can easily share your booking form on your business's Facebook page. 

Important Notes:

  • Facebook does not allow anyone with under 2,000 fans to install third party apps which is needed to install your booking form.
  • This means that anyone with under 2,000 likes will not be able to use the iFrame code.  This is a fairly new rule to Facebook and we're hoping they change it soon.

Here is how you can add your booking form into Facebook:

  • In ZenMaid, go to Bookings > My Booking Form.
  • On the next page, identify which booking form you want added in your Facebook page (if you have multiple booking forms created).
  • Click the Install button then select the Facebook option.
  • Copy your "Basic Installation (iframe) code. 
  • Next, go to your Facebook page and in the search bar enter "Static HTML: iframe tabs".  Or, click this link to go straight there:
  • Click the green "Add Static HTML to a Page" button.
  • Choose your Facebook page from the drop down list provided click the "Add page Tab" button. 
  • On your Facebook page, you will notice the newly installed tab labeled "Welcome".  If you don't see it right away, it may be in the tab labeled "More".
  • Click "Edit Tab" to add content to the Page Tab and edit the tab name.
  • Change the tab's name from "Welcome" to "Book Now" or "Schedule a Cleaning".  Save.
  • Click on the tab again to edit.
  • Paste your copied iFrame code in the large open white box under "Index html".
  • Preview (upper right)
  • Save and Publish.
  • View your newly created tab in Facebook and test the form to make sure it works.

Pro - Tip:  Did you know that there is a help video that explains many other aspects of the booking form page in your ZenMaid software? Just look towards the top right and you'll see the video. It looks like the image below. Check it out!  

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Updated by Mina on 12/09/2019.

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