Go to the employee tab, which is the heart icon, and select “All Employees” 

Click on the “New Employee” located at the upper right portion of the page

Or from the employee tab, you can just directly select the “Add New Employee” option

Fill in the boxes shown on the photo below. These are important fields in order to create a new employee.

Tick the box that says “ALLOW THIS EMPLOYEE TO SIGN IN AND VIEW THEIR SCHEDULE?“ as shown below

 Create a password for your employee

Tick the box that says “ALLOW THIS EMPLOYEE TO LOG THEIR TIME IN THE SYSTEM?” as shown below

Under “Pay rate and Job Estimation” you can choose what pay type and input the hourly cost for the specific employee

You can also add notes in this section

Add the employee’s address under the “Employee Address” tab as shown below

Once done, click on “Create Employee”

Pro - Tip:  Did you know that there is a help video that explains many other aspects of the employees page in your ZenMaid software? Just look towards the top right and you'll see the video. It looks like the image below. Check it out!  

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