• Go to Settings > Calendar.
  • Leave the second box unchecked beside "Allow all employees to view appointment prices?" if you don't want your employees to see the price of each appointment. Check it if you want the info shown to your employees.
  • Leave the third box unchecked beside the "Allow all employees to view customer contact info?" if you don't want your employees to see a customer's contact info. Leave it checked if you want them to see.
  • Do not forget to scroll down until the bottom and click on the "Save Changes" button.
  • In addition, you'd also need to delete the price and customer contact info parts in your Work Order email template. Go to your Settings > Email & Texts.
  • Make sure that you're in the Work Order tab under the Email Templates section.
  • Scroll down and delete the wildcards you'd want to hide from the Body section such as the Customer Contact Information and Balance Owed.

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Reviewed and updated by Mina on 10/28/2019.


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