Here's how you can edit and adjust the price of a recurring service.

  • From your ZenMaid dashboard, go to Scheduling > Calendar View (or any view you prefer to use).
  • Select the recurring service you want to adjust the price for.
  • Once the appointment details window pops up to your right, click on the Actions button then select Manage Recurring Service.
  • On the next page, pay attention to the Default Appointment Information section.
  • Click on the Change Price.. button under the Amount Owed field.
  • On the pop-up window, specify the new amount under the Price field.
  • Then, select the first appointment you want to start applying the new price into on the date options shown.
  • Once you're sure with the changes, click on the Change price for the cleanings selected button.

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Updated by Mina on 01/16/2020.

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