This process shows you how to assign cleaners and teams to an appointment.

  • From your ZenMaid calendar, click on the appointment you want to assign an employee/team or create a new appointment.
  • On the appointment window, click the Assign button.
  • A window will pop up and it will show all your employees and teams just like the photo below.
  • You can select a team and add another employee aside from the team or just simply select employees individually and click “Assign Cleaners”.
  • If you're creating a new appointment, don't forget to click the "Save Appointment" button!


  • To be able to assign 2 staff to a single house, with different start or finish times for each staff, create 2 separate appointments to have them show up at different times.
  • To avoid sending a 2nd appointment reminder to customer, you can use another status for the 2nd appointment. Just make sure that you set up this status correctly such as make sure the following is ticked:

show by default in calendar

include in payroll

put in work order

use to calculate scheduling conflicts

  • Please watch the video here for a walk through.

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Updated by Mina on 12/25/2019.

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