IMPORTANT NOTE: Those in curly brackets (e.g. {{appointment.start_time}} ) are called wildcards. They tell the system where to put the corresponding information for each appointment. Currently, the system supports the following wildcards:

  • {{appointment.start_time}} - exact appointment start time (e.g., 12:30 PM)
  • {{appointment.start_time_approx_one}} - approximate appointment start time (e.g., 12 PM - 1 PM)
  • {{appointment.start_date}} - date of appointment (e.g., 10/3/2013)
  • {{appointment.start_date_in_words}} - date of appointment in words (e.g., Thursday, Oct 3)
  • {{appointment.address}} - address of appointment
  • {{appointment.contact_name}} - name of client (e.g., John Smith)

You can send an email to if the information you want to add is not a supported wildcard.

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