You will create all new coupons plus manage existing coupons in Settings.  Here are the steps to create a new discount code/coupon:

1. Settings (last menu item on the far left hand side menu bar).

2.  Discount Codes.  

3.  New Coupon (top right hand corner).

4.  Name your coupon for reference. For example, let's say you just joined a mommy and me group and want to create a coupon just for those leads. You might name the coupon "Mommy And Me FB group coupon".  Add the description in the description field if you'd like.

5.  Choose your Coupon Discount.  Your options are Flat Discount or Percentage Discount.  

Examples:  $10 off would be Flat $ Discount where as 50% off Spring Clean would be % Discount.

6.  Choose your Coupon Settings.  When you select the second two options, ZenMaid will prompt you to name your coupon.  Using the example above, you can name your coupon something like: MommyAndMe$25OFF.

Pro - Tip:  Did you know that there is a help video that explains many other aspects of the discount code page in your ZenMaid software? Just look towards the top right and you'll see the video. It looks like the image below. Check it out!  

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