3 Ways to View Your Appointments

Through Calendar View

The common way of viewing the appointments is the calendar view. In the calendar view, you can see the appointments listed for the day, week or month using these button: 

You can also skip to a specific day by clicking on "Go to Day"

and selecting the day you want to view.

Through List View

If you want to classify the appointments you want to view into paid and unpaid, you might want to consider using the List View. This can be done by clicking on "List View" 

and then click the "Show" dropdown button, select the type of appointment and then change the specific date of the appointments you want to view. Do not forget to click "Fetch". It should show you then the Appointments you wish to see.

Through Dispatch View

If you want to see the appointments assigned to your cleaners, then the dispatch view is the one you need. All you have to do is click on "Dispatch View"

and it should show you the appointments assigned for each cleaner. It will help you determine the open spots the employee could work.

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